The Victorian Universities International Forum has the following key objectives: 

  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among its member institutions by serving as a forum for collaboration. 
  • To provide professional support to the staff of member institutions by promoting research, networking opportunities, and information sharing as needed. 
  • To advocate for and communicate with external stakeholders, particularly the Victorian Government, on matters related to policies or regulations that impact international education. 
  • To commission research that can inform policy changes, facilitate member discussions, or elicit support from government authorities. 
  • To work together on developing strategies that improve the international education industry in Victoria by identifying areas of common interest and promoting collaborative initiatives. 


The Victorian Universities International Forum internally structures its activities around four primary themes, each led by nominated theme leaders from among the Committee members. 

Theme 1: Sharing Best Practice

Members share their expertise in successfully delivering large and diverse international education programs in complex organizational settings. This theme focuses on the practical aspects of implementing these programs on the ground.

Theme 2: External Representation

International education plays a crucial role in the Victorian economy and is an integral part of the State Government’s strategy. In this theme, the VUIF fosters collaboration between universities and external stakeholders, with a particular focus on the Victorian Government, to advance the collective interests of the sector.

Theme 3: Professional Development

In this theme, the VUIF leverages the extensive knowledge base within its member universities to address sector-specific skills or knowledge gaps. Where such gaps are identified, and the requisite expertise exists among the member universities, the VUIF takes steps to bridge those gaps.

Theme 4: Research

The international education sector is still evolving, and its intricacies can be challenging to navigate. To gain a deeper understanding of issues or topics that affect the sector, the VUIF commissions targeted research to provide the necessary insights.


The Victorian Universities International Forum comprises established sub-groups consisting of prominent staff from member institutions’ international offices, namely the Admissions Group, ESOS Group, Sponsors & Scholarships Reference Group, and Marketing Group. These sub-groups serve as a platform for member institutions to provide mutual support, network with each other, and share information.


Admissions Group

The VUIF Admissions group consists of twenty-one international Admissions specialists representing our VUIF member universities. The group holds meetings throughout the year to address major admissions-related matters pertaining to international applications, admissions processes, resources, automation and the integration of new technology into international admissions. The implementation of the Admissions group shows VUIF’s dedication to fostering collaboration among Victorian Universities and the Victorian Government to Admissions, thereby making Victorian education as the primary choice for international students.  Learn more about Admissions group members.



Marketing Group

The VUIF Marketing group was set up in October 2023, comprising of ten international marketing experts who represent our VUIF member universities. The establishment of the Marketing group shows VUIF’s commitment to extend collaboration among Victorian Universities and the Victorian Government to include Marketing (in addition to recruitment and admissions staff). The Marketing group will convene regularly throughout the year to develop and implement marketing strategies aimed at promoting Victoria to prospective international students. Learn more about Marketing group members




The Victorian Universities International Forum Committee selects a chairperson from its members to lead for a period of two years. The Committee conducts quarterly meetings for its members, invited partners and guest speakers to join the meetings and share industry trends and insights. The Victorian Universities International Forum Executive Officer manages the secretariat responsibilities for these meetings.