Our Members

Membership of the VUIF is comprised of 10 Victorian based universities. Members include senior leaders from across the member university international offices.

What We Do

The VUIF work to achieve the following key objectives:

1. To act as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among member institutions;

2. To support the staff of member institutions through research, professional development, networking and information sharing where appropriate;

3. To advocate and liaise with key external constituents, and especially the Victorian Government, in regard to policy or legislation affecting international education;

4. To commission research that will inform policy change, member discussion or support from government authorities;

5. To work on strategy development for areas common across members for the promotion and improvement of the international education industry in Victoria;

Terms of Reference

Our Themes

Internally, the VUIF organise our activity around four key themes with activities lead by nominated theme leaders from across Committee membership.

Theme 1: Sharing Best Practice

Our members deliver large, diverse and successful international education operations in highly complex organisational environments. In this theme we get to grips with how this is delivered on the ground.

Theme 2: External Representation

International education is a highly significant part of the Victorian economy and overall State Government Strategy. Through this theme we ensure that we connect the dots between the universities and the key external players, and especially the Victorian Government.

Theme 3: Professional Development

Through this theme we utilise the deep knowledge within our member universities. Where we think there’s a sector skills/knowledge gap, and where we know we have the internal expertise within our member universities, we will fill the gap.

Theme 4: Research

The international education sector is still young and is highly complex. Where we need more insight into an issue/topic affecting us all, we will commission highly targeted research.

Our Sub-groups

The VUIF also has three well-established sub-groups whose membership is comprised of key staff from the international offices of member institutions. The VUIF sub-groups include the ESOS Group, Sponsors & Scholarships Reference Group, and Admissions Group. These sub-groups provide a forum for collegial support, networking and information sharing among members.

How We Work

VUIF members elect a Chair from within the Committee who holds this position for a 2 year period.

VUIF meetings are held quarterly (four times a year) for Committee members and invited guests. Meetings are formally run by the elected Committee Chair, with secretariat responsibilities management by the VUIF Executive Officer.