“To support excellence in international education in Victoria’s universities”


The Victorian Universities International Forum (VUIF) is a membership group supporting Victoria’s world-class university sector in its highly successful and diverse international education activities.

The group was established in the 1990s in response to the growing numbers of international students studying in Victoria, and as a result of a clear view at the time that collaboration in the rapidly expanding field of international education would deliver benefits to students, member universities and other key players. It did, and it still does.

Today, Victoria’s universities are amongst the most successful in the world in their international engagement. The scale and range of this activity has grown hugely over the last twenty years, as has the diversity of activity within and between our universities. What has remained important, and has no doubt contributed to the success of the last two decades, is that our universities have consistently collaborated on a range of areas and topics.

The VUIF continues to provide a forum through which our members engage with each other and with key external constituencies to add value to Victoria and Australia’s international education sector.