“To support excellence in international education in Victoria’s universities.”


Greetings and welcome to the Victorian Universities International Forum.

The VUIF is a group of members dedicated to supporting the thriving international education activities of Victoria’s exceptional university sector. Founded in the 1990s in response to the increasing number of international students enrolling in Victoria, the group recognized the benefits that collaboration could bring to students, member universities, and other key players in the rapidly expanding field of international education.

Today, Victoria’s universities are recognized as leaders in international engagement, with a remarkable growth in both the scale and diversity of activities within and between our institutions over the last two decades. Consistent collaboration has been vital to this success and remains crucial to the ongoing development of our universities’ international engagement.

As a valued member of the VUIF, our senior leaders from member university international offices engage with one another and external constituencies to enhance the value of Victoria and Australia’s international education sector.

Our Members

Membership of the VUIF is comprised of ten Victorian based universities. Members include senior leaders from across the member university international offices. 

The Victorian Universities International Forum (VUIF) comprises ten Victorian based leading universities in Australia. The member institutions of VUIF are Australian Catholic University, CQ University, Deakin University, Federation University, La Trobe University, Monash University, RMIT University, Swinburn University of Technology, The University of Melbourne, Victoria University.  

Each of these universities is known for its distinctive strengths in various areas of study and research.  VUIF members collaborate on a range of initiatives and programs that promote international education, cultural exchange, and global research partnerships. The forum also provides a platform for its members to share best practices and leverage their collective expertise in advancing their individual and collective missions.

Our Partner

We are honored to partner with Study Melbourne to fulfill our missions and activities. Study Melbourne, a Victorian Government initiative, works with the Victorian international education sector to promote Melbourne, Victoria as the ultimate study destination, and provide support and assistance to international students while studying and living in Victoria.

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